Personal Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

Liwely CEO gives you a great example how to find a technical co-founder, establish your personal brand and build an ecosystem around your product.

Two days ago my dear friend Katerina Pljaskovova, who is now working on her new startup Liwely, wrote a medium post inviting a tech co-cofounder. Liwely mission is to make every one of us a little bit happier every day.

For me, Kate’s post is an interesting example how a founder can tell her personal story, attract the right team and build awareness.

and here is why:

1. she shows her personality

Example: Kate is a very lovely and energetic person. She is open about her weaknesses and doesn’t shy away from admitting her code sucks in the first lines of the blogpost.

Learning: You have weaknesses, every one has. And this is the reason you need a team, co-founder and advisors. By being honest with yourself and with people around you, you show your maturity, willingness to collaborate and share responsibilities.

2. she gives you a feeling what future startup culture you are stepping into

Example: Funny personal picture and cooking talks are the cherry on the top. You immediately understand the values Kate’s company will represent: playfulness, responsibility, trust and honesty, as well as hard work.

“I’m a big believer. I believe in people. I just do. I will believe in you too, promise. I love to work. I work on the weekends too.”

Learning: What are your values? Instead of just talking about them, show your future team members stories and situations they will experience with you, be authentic and direct.

3. she is deadly serious about it

Example: In her post, Kate describes steps she took to validate the idea, gain knowledge from the target audience and shows her 8 years experience in tech. This is real, you just need to say yes.

Learning: Did you do your homework? Do you understand what type of a product you are building? Say it out loud. No one will steal your idea. Because only persistence and execution matter.

4. she sets boundaries

Example: Story sounds too good to be true, so Kate constantly brings us back to reality. Yes, you are getting the best startup co-founder you can possibly imagine, but you will need to work your ass off.

Learning: What are your boundaries? What are the limitations? What are you NOT going to do? Your future partner needs to know it. RIGHT NOW. Before she even sends an email to you.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t read Kate’s post yet — do that, also like it and share it. Take her example and be open, inspire people, but be honest and value yourself.

Please let me know what values do you want to build your startup on, and feel free to connect with me on twitter to discuss them @olgasteidl